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RE Campus online Real Estate Courses Bellevue Realtors, Inc. is pleased to offer on-line courses available through our association with offers you a virtual university, complete with the most respected comprehensive real estate courses approved by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO). As well as offers the largest online real estate bookstore in the industry.

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Courses and Overview Listed Below

Buyer Representation in Real Estate, Version 3.0 (3 CEU's & CORE)
Main topics:
· Basics of Buyer Agency
· Technology for Buyer Agents
· Using Due Diligence as a Buyer's Agent

Commercial Real Estate: Understanding Investments, Version 1.2 (6 CEU's)
Course objectives:
· Know the primary classifications of commercial property
· Be able to forecast income potential
· Know the definitions of vacancy and credit loss expenses
· Be able to define market value

Electronic Transactions in Real Estate (3 CEU's)
Course covers:
· Real Estate and Electronic transactions
· Basic Contract Principles in the Electronic World
· The Three Types of Electronic Signatures
· The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
· The Federal Law Governing electronic Transactions (E-sign)

Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice, Version 3.0 (3 CEU's)
Main topics:
· Significant Environmental Regulations Effecting Real Estate
· Exercising Due Diligence
· Reducing Environmental Liabilities
· Special Concerns for the Real Estate Professional

Fair Housing, Version 3.0 (3 CEU's & CORE)
Main topics:
· The Fair Housing Regulatory Act
· Advertising Considerations
· Amendments to the 1988 Fair Housing Act
· Significant Case Law
· Main Enforcement Factors

Homes for All - Serving People with Disabilities (6 CEU's)
Course objectives:
· Detail the demographics of this growing market
· Name and understand the different types of disabilities
· Use appropriate language and behavior to communicate successfully with persons who have disabilities
· Distinguish between adaptable, accessible and universal design
· Match prospective buyer’s needs to home you have to show

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales, Version 3.0 (3 CEU's)
Main topics:
· Basic Elements of Commercial-Investment Property
· Analyzing the Real Estate Investment
· How to Arrive at Market Value and Return on Investment
· Significant Factors in Listing and Marketing Real Estate Investments

Investment Property Practice and Management, Version 3.0 (12 CEU's)
Course objectives:
· Explain the different classifications of real property and the various property management challenges involved with each
· Understand that identifying and achieving the owner’s objectives are the manager’s primary objectives
· Describe the process of putting together a management plan
· Understand the importance of state and local law in governing landlord-tenant relations
· Identify marketing opportunities and develop a marketing plan for a real estate investment

Mortgage Fraud and Predatory Lending: What Every Agent Should Know (6 CEU's & CORE)
Course objectives:
· Describe the roles of each participant in most real estate transactions
· Explain several causes of foreclosure and list types of fraud
· Explain the differences between fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans
· Discuss how real estate licenses can educate their investor clients to protect their investments
· List consumer protection laws and explain the intent of each

Property Management and Managing Risk, Version 2.1 (3 CEU's)
Main topics:
· Intricacies of Leases and Dealing with Tenants
· Managing Residential Properties
· The Relationship Between Property Management and Owner
· Dealing with Emergency and Safety Issues

Real Estate and Taxes! What Every Agent Should Know, Version 4.0 (6 CEU's)
Course objectives:
· Identify the two main requirements for mortgage interest deductions
· Discuss the limits on home equity loans when determining tax deductions
· Summarize the differences between acquisition debt and home equity debt
· Explain the gain or loss formula
· Identify items that may be included in the selling price

Real Estate Finance Today, Version 4.0 (3 CEU's)
Main topics:
· Fundamentals of Real Estate Finance
· Conventional Mortgage Loans
· Other Financing Alternatives
· Governmental Factors Affecting Real Estate Finance
· Current Trends in Mortgage Lending
· VA, FHA and Other Government Insured/Guaranteed Loans

Real Estate Investment Fundamentals, Version 1.1 (6 CEU's)
Course objectives:
· Identify the characteristics of different types of investments
· Calculate the impact of leveraging of an investment
· Describe and calculate yield using the capitalization rate measurement
· Evaluate investors based on a variety of qualifying factors

Red Flags Property Inspection Guide, Version 3.0 (3 CEU's)
Main topics:
· Red Flags - what are they and what causes them?
· What to look for inside and outside the home
· Note worthy environmental hazards and hazardous materials

Risk Management, Version 3.0 Online Course (3 CEU's)
Main topics:
· Avoiding misrepresentation, non-disclosure, and the unauthorized practice of law
· Requirements regarding Disclosure of Environmental Hazards
· Federal Fair Housing and Antitrust Laws
· The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and general Agency requirement

The Truth About Mold, Version 2.0 (3 CEU's)
Course covers:
· What is Mold?
· How Does Mold Reproduce and When Does It Thrive?
· Why Has Mold Become a Problem?
· Adverse Health Affects of Mold
· Mold Remediation
· Polices and Legislation
· Reducing Liability
· Court Cases and Litigation

Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges, Version 2.0 (3 CEU's)
Course covers:
· General Discussion of Taxes
· Installments Sales
· The 1031 Tax Free Exchange
· The Law and the Rules
· The Paperwork

Understanding Credit and Improving Credit Scores (3 CEU's)
Course objectives:
· Explain why more people have damaged credit than ever before
· Identify how an identity thief obtains and uses private information
· Decide whether a client could benefit from a credit repair
· Identify categories of information used to calculate credit scores



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